Network Marketing Can Work For You

The majority of us are not born wealthy. We either work to earn wealth, or put our money to work to earn more wealth. Working for someone else can be limited as part of our labour goes to the company owner. We are able to work harder when we work for ourselves because we receive 100% of our earnings.

We can earn real, ethical wealth by either working for ourselves or by working with others where everyone has the same potential to reap the benefits of work.

Network Marketing Works

Network marketing (often called Multi-Level Marketing or MLM) is a smart and ethical way to obtain wealth. MLM is used throughout successful companies and is taught in major universities.

Network Marketing Is A Great Opportunity

Wealth is created through the work of people or money. In order to be successful with your business, you will invest your money to work for you and not have to work yourself. Most people work by performing physical labour for someone else, working as a professional, or by owning a business. Physical labour requires a lot of effort, especially when you’re working for someone else.

The ideal way to earn your wealth is leveraging both your work and money. This is a powerful tool because it makes use of other people’s work without depriving them of it and encourages everyone to share the same opportunity for gain.

Classic Organizational Structures Don't Work

In a classical business structure, a car lot owner hires a salesman. The salesman makes their money through commission and the owner earns the percentage of the lot’s overhead plus profit on sales. With a group of talented salesman, the owner makes more profit and is able to leverage off the salesman.

But if the salesman wants to make more profit, they must branch off to other sources of income or by working for a lot that pays better. This is bad for the car owner, as the owner has invested time and resources in the salesman, and has also created a competitor.

Network Marketing Does Work

In a network marketing scenario, the car lot owner would encourage the salesman to hire their own staff and leverage off it. These additional sales earn wealth for the owner and the salesman, providing a win-win situation. Many people mistake this as a pyramid structure, where the individuals at the bottom do all the work and the people on top reap the benefits.

Every business in the world is essentially a pyramid where the CEO heads the business at the top and leverages off the middle managers and the employees near the bottom. But in network marketing, everyone has the same leveraging opportunity as the CEO, providing an equal opportunity.

In network marketing, everyone has the same leveraging opportunity as the CEO of the largest organization in the world.

Why Network Marketing Is The Most Ethical Money-Making Structure

Network marketing allows each individual with the same tools and opportunity, where the most productive people earn the greatest degree of wealth. People at the bottom of the pyramid are able to earn more than the people at the top if they are more productive. Income is based on productivity. Successful corporations like Citibank, AOL, Sun Microsystems, and Xerox distribute their products through network marketing structures.

Time Is Money

Some people earn $30,000 per year and others millions. Each year has the same number of days, months and hours, so what is the difference? The people who earn millions understand the connection between time and productivity. They are able to use their time wisely to direct other people to do the work. Through Network marketing, you essentially create multiple copies of yourself and multiply your earnings by the amount of people you train. Training other people to do your own work can be a powerful investment.